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Tech Tips

Installing Molded Carpet

First, remove your molded carpet from the box. Lay it out in roomtemperature, or above, for a recommended 12 to […]

Seat Foam: Old vs. New

If you are unsure about whether your original seat foam is still good enough to use for your restoration, take […]

Common Brake Pedal Diagnostics

This is a list of common brake pedal diagnostics that we have put together to help you troubleshoot any brake […]

Installing a Bow-Type Headliner

We get calls every day asking for advice on installing a bow-type headliner, so we wanted to put together a […]

Diagnosing Common Brake Problems

Disconnect the brake lines from the master cylinder while leaving the cylinder on the vehicle. Obtain solid plugs for the […]

Basic Car Restoration Tips

The first step in car restoration is to make a list of what needs to be done and to plan […]

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