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Basic Car Restoration Tips

Posted on: August 31, 2020 in Tech Tips

The first step in car restoration is to make a list of what needs to be done and to plan out the project, this will ensure that everything is done in the proper order and nothing gets overlooked. You don’t want to forget something crucial and risk damaging a new paint job, or find out that your car looks great but won’t run.
Here are some things to include on your list:

Seats: More then likely your seats will need to be replaced due to the fact that the car is typically over 30 years old and is pretty much a essential.

Headliner: Make sure the headliner is not sagging or torn. You can order headliners for your classic car and install them yourself.

Dash: Cracking is typical for a old dash so it is likely that it will need to be replaced. You can sometimes replace the dash pad and that will be enough.

Rubbers: Check all of the rubber on the car, including the trunk rubber, the window rubbers and the rubber for the hood and trunk. Old weatherstrips are a must for replacing to prevent any leaks.

Dents and scratches: Make sure all dents and scratches are filled in or pounded out. Sometimes it is necessary for replacement body panels to be used if the panels are dented or rusted badly.

Engine compartment: Clean the engine bay with a degreaser before adding any chrome or stainless components.

Engine: Make sure everything is running and working. It is a good idea to do regular maintenance on the engine (oil change, belts, hoses, spark plugs, etc.) at this point.

This is only a partial list, you should inspect your car, write down anything you want to change and everything that needs to be repaired or cleaned up. After you create the list, call local speed shops and auto parts stores or visit websites that offer car restoration parts to price out the items you need.

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