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Installing Molded Carpet

Posted on: August 31, 2020 in Tech Tips

First, remove your molded carpet from the box. Lay it out in room
temperature, or above, for a recommended 12 to 24 hours. This allows the carpet to relax and regain its shape. Next remove all sill plates, seat belts, kick panels and driving pedals if mounted from the floor. Then remove the front and rear seats. After all objects are removed from the floor, extract the old carpeting. Do not discard the old carpet yet. Remove the old padding but leave the body insulation on the floor. Do not remove the catalytic converter shield, if the vehicle has one on the floor.
Vacuum or sweep the floor and remove all loose matter. Now locate the rear portion of your new molded carpet. There are different ways to ease the carpet installation. The easiest way is to place your old carpet that was removed from your vehicle over the top of your new molded carpet. This will give you a general pattern.

Next, using a piece of chalk, mark any holes you will need to cut later. This will make locating your holes easier. Tip – all molded carpets are cut oversized around all edges to insure no carpet is too short on any sides. while your old carpet is lying on top of your new molded carpet, begin trimming the edges of your new carpet, leaving an extra inch on all sides. Do not under cut the carpet!

Next, place all bolts back into their original holes. This will help to locate where the carpet needs to be cut after the new carpet is in position. If your carpet is a 1 piece, place your new molded carpet in the vehicle by centering it to the transmission tunnel and working towards the sides. For 2-piece carpets, begin with placing the rear section of your molded carpet in the vehicle. Tip – to figure which way your carpet installs, locate the area where the jute backing (padding) is focused. This is usually where your feet sit on the floor pan. Be sure the carpet is sitting smoothly against the floor pan in all areas before making any cuts.

After the rear section is in place, install the front portion of your molded carpet by using the same techniques in the steps before. Tip – be sure the heal pad is directly under the accelerator pedal. After confirming the
proper fit start the required cutouts as you fit the carpet to the vehicle. Note your chalk marks should be over the holes. It is better to start with a small slit in the carpet just large enough to fit over the object and then enlarge the opening only as much as required. Do not over cut!

Now push the carpet over the bolts. Now fold back a section of carpet, apply adhesive and press back down to the floor. Repeat this step to each section of carpet around the floor. Tip – using a common automotive spray adhesive will give a smoother fit and less likely to move over time.

Slip the carpet under the kick panels, door posts and any valance present, then trim the excess that has been provided to allow for a perfect fit into your car. Now you are ready to reinstall all your seats.
Start with your back seat and then the front. When these are in and bolted down (caution should be taken when reapplying any screws so not to catch or snag the carpet) proceed to reinstall your sill plates, seat belts, kick panels and driving pedals.

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